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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about feather touch brow tattooing.

Eyebrow tattooing has been around for a while, but it’s undergone a serious makeover of late.

Gone are the giveaway block-y style tattoos of your beauty nightmares, replaced by Feather Touch or ‘microblading’. It looks much more natural and if you’re like me, it feels like everyone and their cousin is getting it done.

So what’s it all about? How long does it last? And most importantly, how much does it hurt? We asked ‘Arch Angel to the Stars’ Amy Jean of Amy Jean Eye Couture, who pioneered the treatment in Australia several years ago, everything you’ve ever wondered about the latest face tattoo-ing trend.

What actually is Feather Touch?

Brow feathering can be done using a hand tool (micro-blading) or machine technique. The process involves micro-pigmenting fine strokes that mimic hair into the outer layers of the skin. The results are very natural and can go undetected.


How many sessions does it take to complete?

The first session can take anywhere from one and a half to two hours including anesthetic processing and design time. The artist will always work conservatively during the initial application to gauge how well the skin absorbs the pigment in preparation for the second application.

Feather touch tattoo is semi permanent unlike the “block tattooing” of yesteryear. It is an extremely topical procedure done in the outer layers of the skin. Depending on the skin chemistry, exposure to active ingredients or the elements in general, your original colour will gradually begin to fade out.

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